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Are you looking for 4 Wheel alignment for your vehicle?

A routine wheel alignment inspection is necessary to enjoy an uninterrupted driving experience and superior driving safety. Does your vehicle run on a 4-wheel drive mechanism? Then you can consider Westerhope Tyre & Battery Centre for reliable wheel alignment services.

Westerhope Tyre & Battery Centre offers 4 wheel alignment Newcastle Upon Tyne at affordable prices. Moreover, Our professionals are adept at using the latest tools and techniques for efficient wheel alignment checks and rectifications.

How to detect misaligned wheels?

Here are some of the tell-tale signs of improper wheel alignment:

  • If the vehicle wheels are misaligned, you will face difficulties in car handling. It will keep drifting to one side while you are trying to drive straight.
  • Misaligned wheels cause uneven tyre wear and will also lead to reduced fuel efficiency.
  • If you are experiencing odd juddering in the steering wheel, the car wheels are misaligned.

So, if you are facing any of these issues while driving your car, do not delay reaching us for services of 4-wheel alignment Newcastle Upon Tyne. Immediate professional assistance will save you from bearing hefty repair bills in future.

How do we conduct 4-wheel alignment Newcastle Upon Tyne?

Our experienced technicians use advanced wheel aligners that are fitted with digital cameras and computerised sensors to inspect the following wheel angles:


Camber is basically your car tyre's inward and outward tilting when viewed from the front. It is the angle between the car wheels and the vertical axis.


It is the angle between the vertical axis of the wheels and the steering axis. A misaligned caster position will hamper vehicle stability and handling.


When you view from above, the toe angle is the inward or outward tilt of the car wheels. It is the angle between the car wheels and the longitudinal axis.

Our professionals inspect all these angles perfectly and immediately suggest the right action. Once they detect the area of a discrepancy, they will promptly realign the wheel angles per the manufacturer's recommendation.

Are you interested? Then put an end to your ‘4-wheel alignment near me’ searches with us!

You can book an online appointment for our wheel alignment services on a date and time of your preference.

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