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Are you looking for Eml Diagnosis for your vehicle?

The Engine Management Light (EML) is a warning light in your car's dashboard set within its instrument cluster. This light is connected to your vehicle's Engine Control Unit (ECU). In case your car engine components malfunction, an illuminated EML is the first indicator.

You should get a professional diagnostic service from Westerhope Tyre & Battery Centre in such a situation. Our team of experts conducts EML diagnosis Newcastle Upon Tyne at affordable rates for all major vehicle models.

So, if your vehicle is warning you or eventually breaks down due to an engine issue, contact us for reliable diagnostics services. We will reach your location, conduct the necessary checks and services and try to carry out minor repairs then and there.

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Causes of an illuminated EML

Several factors can trigger the Engine Management Light. They are:

Faulty Emissions System

A car's exhaust system reduces the emission of toxic gases due to the presence of control systems like an oxygen sensor. This sensor measures the amount of unburnt oxygen passing through your vehicle's exhaust.

It can trigger the EML on your car's dashboard indicating that your car is running with too much or less fuel. Additionally, a malfunctioning oxygen sensor can also be a reason behind a blinking EML.

Clogged or blocked DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)

Sometimes sooty deposit appears on the filter, clogging the DPF heavily and making it difficult for exhaust gases to pass. During such an instance, the engine begins DPF regeneration automatically. However, if this process fails to start, you will find your vehicle's EML illuminated. In such a scenario, you should consult with our experts.

Disproportionate air and fuel mixture

Proper air and fuel mixture is necessary for smooth engine functioning. This mixture burns inside the chambers of a mass airflow sensor. Your car's ECU takes data from this sensor to evaluate the fuel amount that needs to be added to tally with the air flowing into its engine. In case of any damage caused to this sensor, the EML on your car's dashboard will be turned on.

Faulty ignition system

Your vehicle's ignition burns or ignites the fuel to make an engine function. If your car's spark plugs or coils malfunction, an illuminated EML will indicate such faults.

So, it is evident that the Engine Management Light is a crucial component of your vehicle. In case you find it on for some time, seek assistance without searching for “EML diagnostics services near me” or "EML Diagnosis Newcastle Upon Tyne". Instead get in touch with us.

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