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Are you looking for MOT Test Newcastle Upon Tyne for your vehicle?

In order to prove the roadworthiness of a vehicle, MOT test is conducted annually. The test focusses on the conditions of basic components in a car. It has been made compulsory by the government of the UK itself for every driver to pass this test to be deemed legal on the roads. Any car without a pass certificate attracts heavy fines by the government. At Westerhope Tyre & Battery Centre, we trust the government for its initiative towards safer roads. Therefore, we offer genuine MOT Newcastle Upon Tyne that is hundred percent authentic in the eyes of the government.

What is MOT test?

Ministry of Transport or MOT test is an annual inspection of the vehicles in the UK to examine their roadworthiness. The basic focus of the tests are easily maintainable parts and components of a vehicle. The components include- exhaust, engine, tyres, windshield, wipers, and brakes, etc. Any vehicle that has crossed its three years purchase mark has to compulsorily take the test annually to proves its legality. The main aim of the test is to reduce the accidents happening on the roads of the UK due to some of the nameless little parts.

A vehicle brought for the test will be checked on various parameters set by the government. It is always recommended to get the test done from authentic auto garages only, like Westerhope Tyre & Battery Centre, to prevent frauds. An expert will scrutinise the components of the vehicle making use of high-tech and accurate machines. In case the vehicle is all good for the roads, it will be handed a pass certificate. Whereas if some of the components are not well maintained and fail the test, a fail certificate will be awarded to the car.

No vehicle will be allowed to see the roads if it fails the test. The concerned components will have to be repaired first. Once the repair is done, the vehicle again has to take the test for a pass certificate. Many auto garages take advantage of this retest scheme and deliberately fail a vehicle in the test on the first time. Therefore, it is suggested to check the authenticity of the test centre with the local listings before getting the MOT in Newcastle Upon Tyne test done.

At Westerhope Tyre & Battery Centre, you don’t have to worry about any rigged tests. We have vendors who the government itself has authenticated to hold an MOT test. The experts over there have years of experience in conducting accurate and precise MOT Newcastle Upon Tyne. Hence, book an appointment with us today. To know further about our services, don’t forget to give us a call. Our experts are always there for you.

You can visit us on Mondays to Friday between 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. To provide us with your feedback on your experience at Westerhope Tyre & Battery Centre, ensure to email us at Sales@westerhopetyres.com. We welcome any and every feedback from our customers. It helps us get better with our services and grow more.

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